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Legal Yesterday, we were treated to another preliminary injunction on a product due to patent trolling. Over the past few years, some companies have resorted to patent trolling instead of competing on merit, using frivolous and obvious software and design patents to block competitors - even though this obviously shouldn't be legal. The fact that this is, in fact, legal, is baffling, and up until a few months ago, a regular topic here on OSNews. At some point - I stopped reporting on the matter. The reason for this is simple: I realised that intellectual property law exists outside of regular democratic processes and is, in fact, wholly and utterly totalitarian. What's the point in reporting on something we can't change via legal means?
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RE[2]: copying is anti innovation
by zima on Wed 4th Jul 2012 10:13 UTC in reply to "RE: copying is anti innovation"
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marriage with animals

Seems it's not unheard of:–animal_marriage

Overall, humans are a bit silly with this - zoophilia is supposedly taboo, but a) mass slaughter of animals is apparently fine, as is causing what will be one of the most rapid extinction events in geological record b) a typical caressing of pet animals, if done on another human, would generally be perceived as quite sexual in nature (also, if my cat is in what remains - after sterilisation - of its heat, then it quite often displays mating behaviour when caressed by a human...) c) any animal roughly compatible with human is probably large enough to severely damage the human, if it didn't like it...

Then there are silly people, one replying nearby, who at first glance could be understood by somebody as being OK with the above, but have something against two consenting adults.

(and WRT children, wasn't that more or less standard exactly in the more traditional approaches?... at least as far as legal "non adult" definition goes; plus it was all often already arranged much earlier)

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