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Google So yeah, Google totally just won the conference showdown by easily beating both Apple and Microsoft. Not only did Google announce Android 4.1 with some really cool new features, a cheap but non-crippled tablet, and a new Android device called the Nexus Q, but they also opened up pre-orders for Google Glass. So yeah.
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RE[3]: So yeah.
by zima on Wed 4th Jul 2012 23:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: So yeah. "
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> So.. If I understand your logic correctly, the best company to buy products from is one that makes more money off of me?

I think he is speaking in terms of morality, as in what is best for everyone and not for an individual who is only concerned for himself. In other words, perhaps your purchase might help create a job for someone who is unemployed.

That is thinking about the economy (or "societal economic morality", whatever) essentially in the terms of broken window fallacy...

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