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Google Apparently, this is a major victory of the patent system. This, this right here, this is what the patent system has come to. This is the destructive effect it's having on this once beautiful industry. Thanks to trolls like Apple and Microsoft, basic, elemental functionality is being removed from devices people already own.
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Gullible Jones
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You know, I really don't like being the guy who tells people to sit down and shut up. Actually I'm usually the one who objects to such statements.


As I type this, people in my country are dying due to lack of food, lack of shelter, and lack of medical care. I have friends who can't afford to get sick. I see homeless people every damn time I go into Boston.

Yes, people who bought the Galaxy Nexus are getting ripped off. Trust me, that is the least of their or anyone else's problems.

See, owning a smart phone - or leasing it, or whatever - that is a privilege here. So is owning a computer. So is having the time to learn how to use a computer, and all the associated geek shit. Education is a privilege, health is a privilege, sanity is a privilege. Honesty and lawfulness are privileges. Life is a privilege. Everything in this goddamn stupid capitalista country is a goddamn fucking privilege.

We only have "freedom" here by comparison to the third world. We send men and women out to fight for our vaunted freedom, and if they come back, guess what? They're free to live on the streets, and free to fuck off and die when winter comes around.

So, not to be too condescending, but next time you post shit about freedom and how life in the US sucks, please retain a sense of proportion; and remember that your smart phone getting functionality removed << people dying.


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I hate to be the guy who makes fun of sententious lecturers, but:

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UltraZelda64 Member since:

Haha... that was pretty funny.

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"Life is a privilege."

Given laws against suicide and even abortion, life is a legally-enforced requirement (even for fetuses) more than a privilege. People will be locked behind bars for simple drug offenses, fucking their mental status and life up, but forced to live--in jail/prison--unless the government decides for whatever reason that the death penalty should be given (unless you also killed, raped, etc., you're probably just stuck in the slammer). And I firmly believe that the government's incriminating actions on a person is usually far worse than the drug itself.

People who are old, terminally ill, their entire bodies failing--they're usually forced to be kept alive in a hospital by machines until the very last minute in a vegetative state drugged up to hell and back in an attempt to disguise the pain and just not there at all, and forced into continued "life" beyond what any sane person would want. I sure as hell don't want to know what it's like to have your death extended for hours or even days, in a fucked up highly drugged dream-like state, probably even able to hear (though too screwed up to actually understand) what the other people in the room with you are saying... I'd rather just croak outside of a hospital. [Hey, when I'm that bad off, pull the fucking plug already... fuck life at that point, seriously.]

The only thing I "get" from your post (which I fully agree with, if it was your actual point--though I seriously doubt you meant it in the way I'm comprehending it) is that the government doesn't give two shits about you, me, or any other citizen--it only cares about its own power. Just look at the people the U.S. Government poisoned on purpose--its own--just to get people to stop drinking alcohol during the prohibition. See what that got them: failure and repeal of the prohibition of alcohol. Alcohol is now legal for the most part, and people are able to legally (and safely) drink it if they want if they're of age. And good thing, because I'd surely have to get out of this country if I couldn't drink craft beer. So the government starts all over again, just with different drugs, setting themselves up for more failure, continuing to sustain the black market through criminalization and destroying lives.

What is the point in this post? Well, hell if I know why you brought death, war and shit like that up, but whatever. I don't even know why I typed this post up, and I'm not going to bother replying to this topic again. My point still stands: Apple and the judge who upheld this ridiculous patent can go shove an iPhone up their ass.

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Laurence Member since:

I really do hate it when people say "yeah, your injustice is annoying, but kids are starving in Africa". Yes, your example is worse, but that doesn't make the former point right either.

There's always going to be examples of people worse off and I really do feel for them, but we should use them as an excuse to be complacent about our own lives (or worse yet, allow our lives to completely fuck up too).

So really, your comment isn't any better than the muppets who fulfil Godwin's law two posts into a serious discussion.

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Gullible Jones Member since:

What got to me was the ireful talk of lack of freedom. I agree that this situation is injust; I just think that there are much more egregious examples of people here not really being free.

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