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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia board chairman Risto Siilasmaa went on a Finnish television show, and stated that while he is confident in Windows Phone 8, the company does have a back-up plan if it doesn't work out. Speculation aplenty - what is this backup plan? The answer's pretty easy, if you ask me.
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RE[9]: Yes please
by cdude on Thu 5th Jul 2012 08:22 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Yes please"
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[q]This is how I saw it:
1. Maemo, 2. Moblin, 3. MeeGo, 4. Tizen..
Ok, I know that's a bit unfair, since Moblin and Maemo were completely independent from each other, but it _would_ be correct to say Tizen is the third attempt:
1. Moblin, 2. MeeGo, 3 Tizen..

Since Intel was the main, or one of the main, companies involved in all three of those, and the Linux Foundation hosted all three.
Moblin was Intel + later Linux Foundation.
MeeGo was Intel + Nokia + Linux Foundation.
Tizen is Intel + Samsung + Linux Foundation.

That makes it 3, excluding Maemo, where Intel was participating at. The thing is as I wrote a company should never stop to try something new else the company is dead. That is true for all companies. Even Microsoft which comes up with new strategies to develop for there platform every iteration (C/C++, Silverlight, .NET, HTML5).

In the ideal case you are able to turn all your researches into products and hit the market like a bomb with them while competition has no matching research products they could turn fast into a product to compete again. But the reality is different and that is what we see in the case of Intel with there 3 different platforms. None of them made it into a product yet (well, Moblin became MeeGo, MeeGo was killed by Intels partner beforehand and Tizen is not there yet). Its not a success story, that is true. But it may become a success story some day in which case all the tries before would have been payed out. Sure it would have been better if they went on to make the successful product right from the beginning but hey, not everybody is Apple ;)

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