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Windows Microsoft is continuing its efforts to simplify its product lines, and has cut the number of versions for the next release of Windows Server down from twelve to just four: Datacenter, Standard, Essentials, and Foundation. Pretty straightforward. Windows Home Server gets axed, but then again, I don't think anybody bought Windows Home Servers anyway.
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RE: Strange arbitrary limits.
by moondevil on Thu 5th Jul 2012 22:04 UTC in reply to "Strange arbitrary limits."
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Well in my company we are migrating a lot of projects from UNIX to Windows.

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Why? I can't see any advantage MS-Windows would have over UNIX.

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If you can not find a single reason to move from original UNIX (not GNU/Linux) to windows you better hit the books my laddie =D

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moondevil Member since:

Why? I can't see any advantage MS-Windows would have over UNIX.

We are doing for our customers.

My employer does consulting for multinational corporations.

If you compare UNIX installations (Solaris, Aix, HP-UX) to Windows, it might not be worth it to keep them around.

These are usually the type of reasons we hear:

- Windows licenses are cheaper than commercial UNIX ones
- Many UNIX boxes are proprietary hardware
- Java can run anywhere
- Some are actually porting applications from Java to .NET
- Sometimes those systems are just legacy and what they are doing can be easily done in Windows as well.
- Cluster management tools are much better in the Windows world
- Some systems are not worth to move to UNIX compatible systems, because they need to be rewritten anyway
- Linux/BSD are evil (due to open source)
- Some dude in upper management decided to do it

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