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In the News Interesting charts by Horace Dediu: "As a result the Mac began to whittle down the advantage Windows had. The ratio of Windows to Mac units shipped fell to below 20, a level that was last reached before Windows 95 launched. It's as if the Mac reversed the Windows advantage. This was an amazing turnaround for the Mac. But the story does not end there." Too bad Dediu didn't include Android devices in his charts. The picture would change dramatically, and would downplay the important of either Windows or Mac/iOS. We're in a three-horse race - not the two-horse race Dediu paints.
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Tablets won't replace high end desktops for a long time still. They are a significant market, but they aren't not replacing desktops by any means.

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Tablets won't replace desktops, but tablets will outsell desktops 10 to 1 in a few years (if not sooner). Which is why the demands that Microsoft cater to desktop rather than tablet form factor make no sense.

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It doesn't make sense to neglect either one, or to make something with "one size fits all" method. Both use cases need distinct design approaches, and those who don't address them separately are degrading the user experience.

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