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In the News Interesting charts by Horace Dediu: "As a result the Mac began to whittle down the advantage Windows had. The ratio of Windows to Mac units shipped fell to below 20, a level that was last reached before Windows 95 launched. It's as if the Mac reversed the Windows advantage. This was an amazing turnaround for the Mac. But the story does not end there." Too bad Dediu didn't include Android devices in his charts. The picture would change dramatically, and would downplay the important of either Windows or Mac/iOS. We're in a three-horse race - not the two-horse race Dediu paints.
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by shmerl on Fri 6th Jul 2012 17:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by shmerl"
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While gaming is just one market segment, in practice it's quite in demand (I mean on the desktop). Companies like Valve, CD Projekt Red and others aren't suffering from the lack of users. So may be the market is not as huge as some others, in practice it's what often prevents users from abandoning Windows altogether, since at present Windows holds a disproportional majority of PC games (Wine project matured quite a bit and improves this situation, but still). I often hear stories like "I don't mind using Linux, but I need to keep Windows around for games". Therefore the shift of balance towards OpenGL undermines this lock in situation.

Consoles are a separate world (I don't really care about those). I was talking about PC gaming in particular. Though gaming companies trying to maximize their profits are often targeting consoles and PC market both. As demand for OpenGL gaming will grow, companies will work more on supporting portable engines (both with OpenGL and DirectX).

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