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Legal Yesterday, we were treated to another preliminary injunction on a product due to patent trolling. Over the past few years, some companies have resorted to patent trolling instead of competing on merit, using frivolous and obvious software and design patents to block competitors - even though this obviously shouldn't be legal. The fact that this is, in fact, legal, is baffling, and up until a few months ago, a regular topic here on OSNews. At some point - I stopped reporting on the matter. The reason for this is simple: I realised that intellectual property law exists outside of regular democratic processes and is, in fact, wholly and utterly totalitarian. What's the point in reporting on something we can't change via legal means?
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RE: Debasement of language
by zima on Sat 7th Jul 2012 23:40 UTC in reply to "Debasement of language"
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You're delusional, as usual, living in your small perception bubble. Apart from what Thom pointed out ...increased trade, how it enabled cities, is what brought also immense suffering, worked also to shorten life expectancy, by enabling spread of diseases.

Black Death (for just one example) wiped out half of Europe.
Read just the first section of (oh yeah, for a long time it was often slave trade ...which didn't really disappear). Similar with HIV pandemic.

Trade also wiped out many civilisations (by disease or otherwise)

Generally, it enables increase of number of people, but the proportion of them that's out of poverty seems to be not changing much at best - you need few essentially slaves for your comfy life (for example ).
Also, trade is what brought this insanity, what makes it possible... already causing what will be one of the most rapid extinction events in geological record, most of megafauna gone by the end of this century (you think we aren't part of global ecosystem, it won't impact us? And it would be really "funny" if in a way)

It's entirely possible that no single human activity is responsible for more human deaths than trade. Please, please develop a sense of perspective.

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