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Legal Yesterday, we were treated to another preliminary injunction on a product due to patent trolling. Over the past few years, some companies have resorted to patent trolling instead of competing on merit, using frivolous and obvious software and design patents to block competitors - even though this obviously shouldn't be legal. The fact that this is, in fact, legal, is baffling, and up until a few months ago, a regular topic here on OSNews. At some point - I stopped reporting on the matter. The reason for this is simple: I realised that intellectual property law exists outside of regular democratic processes and is, in fact, wholly and utterly totalitarian. What's the point in reporting on something we can't change via legal means?
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by zima on Sat 7th Jul 2012 23:58 UTC in reply to "Re:"
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People do not vote freely nowadays, because the mainstream media tells people that if you vote for certain "radical" parties, bad things will happen to the country [...]
Just look what happened in Greece with Syriza (i know because i live in Greece). When peopke expressed intent to vote for Syriza (a party with some pretty neat ideas), the mainstream media (local and foreign) bullied and threatened the people

Why do you use "" around the radical? The party calls itself the Coalition of the Radical Left FFS... (why did you left out the real name, instead using nothing-telling acronym, hm?)

...yeah, neat: the communists are here - Greece, you're saved!

Also, don't forget to mention that those involved around this party were very active with "bullied and threatened the people" - or did you not notice all the rioting?

Or that the Neo-Nazi party in Greece got 7% in the recent elections.

Long story short, if we want our democracy back, people should start voting with their hearts again

Voting with hearts (all directions), not minds, is what gets us into mess. Like the mess when gov gave too much of what its people wanted, just more "me! me! me!"
Humans are immature, short-sighted, generally unable to think long-term & to see and support long-term issues; it's in our nature to just want more "stuff" and to have fun in our short few prime decades of life. And that is simply reflected in many govs - if a gov would really go against such primitive impulses of its population, it's usually voted out.
Here you also voted just "against"...

There's a close precedent in Ancient Greece, in its deforestation and erosion - back then, those in positions of authority were also unable to raise public support and the necessary economic resources, trying to do so just destroyed your political status.
Hence, fast forward to today - and Greece will be officially a desert in a few years.

Also, for democracy to work, you need to have and educated society (one which genuinely values that) ...Greece seems to have plenty dysfunctions in that area.

BTW, quick site search on a website of another Greek gives...

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