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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Sorry for the delay in writing a story about this, but here we finally are: Nokia's MeeGo (or Maemo or whatever it's called this hour) is getting its successor. Yes, MeeGo, the short-lived but beloved platform running on the unicorn phone, the Nokia N9, will continue onwards in a slightly different form. Its new home? Jolla - a company formed by former Nokia chief operating officer Marc Dillon, who was the principal engineer for MeeGo/Maemo at Nokia since 2006.
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RE: I'm glad, but....
by Lennie on Tue 10th Jul 2012 11:16 UTC in reply to "I'm glad, but...."
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Who said they are in the open hardware business ?

They are a business and probably direct customer of the chipset producers. They would get the documentation they need, but probably under a NDA.

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RE[2]: I'm glad, but....
by Radio on Wed 11th Jul 2012 12:45 in reply to "RE: I'm glad, but...."
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Yeah. Hardware is still going to be locked in binary blurbs. Too many patents and commercial secrets.

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RE[3]: I'm glad, but....
by Lennie on Wed 11th Jul 2012 12:49 in reply to "RE[2]: I'm glad, but...."
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Although I do get the feeling that for the people working on these products the secrets are hardly secrets, they know how the other companies do it.

I think it is management which makes a business desicion to be secretive about it.

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