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Microsoft "The experiment: in 3 days, update Microsoft's branding and messaging." Impressive effort by Andrew Kim. Focusses on branding, products, advertising, packaging, messages, and a lot of other stuff.
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RE[2]: What about...
by zima on Tue 10th Jul 2012 23:19 UTC in reply to "RE: What about..."
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The Windows 95 desktop model may be "boring," but it is tried and true, and there is plenty of room for improvement. Just throwing the whole thing out seems pretty stupid to me; especially seeing as Microsoft basically built their empire (which, I must repeat, encompasses almost 90% of desktop users) on conservative design decisions and incremental improvement.

Not really throwing out, it's still there. BTW, Ribbon was also a dramatic change (one where it turned out MS was more or less right, or at least not really wrong). Windows 1&2 -> 3.x -> ~95, also quite big changes - and only the 2nd major revision (of the UI, with 3.x) was any good; by 3rd it took over.

So Metro might still surprise you.

Windows 7 is probably the first Windows release to have an actual fan base, as opposed to a bunch of grumpy users who just put up with it because there's no alternative. [...] IMO they caught the lightning in the bottle with Win 7; and I think they'd be foolish to remove their focus from it, even in a temporary gamble. They may not have anything to lose in terms of money (yet!), but they have a lot to lose in terms of their reputation with the public.

You know what's perhaps most telling about possible future viability of Metro, versus all the loud complaints about it now? That Win7, which is praised by everybody (what you yourself point out), is essentially merely VistaSE - that hated, rejected release - just with a marketing trick of "lucky 7".

If the gamble of MS plays out, they will gain immensely (also in terms of money). Meanwhile, let's be honest, people at worst will just continue using Win7 - just like they did with XP (and many still do! It has ~1/3 of worldwide web hits, that's more than half a billion people; the "failure" Vista still has more than all OSX versions BTW, and that's 10 times more than Linux)

PS. And rafaelnp is just a blinded buffoon... ( - not even really caring that much about OSS in general)

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