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Graphics, User Interfaces "We're able to produce absolutely stunning websites and mobile apps with great interaction design. Interfaces that are smooth and fun and let us understand information without even trying. But when it comes to email clients, we get a bit of a boring feeling, like using an old piece of software from 10 years ago. I think we can do better. So let's do that." Great ideas and beautiful design by Tobias van Schneider, but why he would forcefully shoehorn this clearly digital UI into Mac OS X is beyond me. It has no place there. This just screams Metro.
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Comment by tupp
by tupp on Wed 11th Jul 2012 02:02 UTC
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That web site by Tobias van Schneider is too cluttered and incomprehensible (and ugly).

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RE: Comment by tupp
by Kivada on Wed 11th Jul 2012 03:34 in reply to "Comment by tupp"
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Yeah, this is yet another "designer" with a "solution" in search of a problem... We have far too many of those these days.

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RE[2]: Comment by tupp
by OSNevvs on Wed 11th Jul 2012 06:09 in reply to "RE: Comment by tupp"
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It's a lot about being fashionable or old-fashioned. To these people influenced by social pressure, everything has to be reinvented always. Right now, they need to pollute everything with Facebook and Twitter integration and icons. For me, email works very nicely, and the "problems" he "raises" are not problems. I'm very happy with my Gmail interface and backend. Really nothing to "fix". I don't use Facebook.

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RE[2]: Comment by tupp
by greygandalf on Wed 11th Jul 2012 09:13 in reply to "RE: Comment by tupp"
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Exactly. Since Email hasn't changed, we don'├Čt need something revolutionary each year to manage it... What has changed is the amount of attachment, amount of messages we get. For some people it also means different accounts, different aliases. I want an email program that doesn't get in my way and that leaves me to do what I need.
If I am on a desktop, I want a clickable, usable interface which integrates with windows. I don't need ribbons and touch-friendly interface. The same is true for tablets. Even on a NetBook I desire a differently designed interface.

That is what I find the beauty of email vs. "web". I can use a proper client based application which handles a common protocol.

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