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Mac OS X Ars Technica is reporting that certain 64bit Mac models won't be able to run Mountain Lion. The problem is the graphic card drivers; these are still 32bit, and Apple is unwilling to update them to 64bit. A 64bit kernel can't load 32bit drivers, so that's that. Apple has a list of supported models on their Mountain Lion upgrade page, so you can easily check if your computer is capable of running Mountain Lion.
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Apple's OS mistake ...
by pete_tronic on Fri 13th Jul 2012 05:19 UTC
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Apple would make alot more profit if they aimed for EXCELLENCE. It seems APPLE has reached a lazy comfort zone.

That's the breaks. Anything goes in today's economy, and Apple could be next ..

Apple could fix the problem by opening up the hardware specs on OLDER MACINES. In this case, all the machines that can't run Mountain Lion ..

Apple should supply propietary drivers for LINUX, or even opening the hardware specs so LINUX programmers could write the drivers. Stupid Apple !!! The Apple II was successful because it's hardware was open. Why not do the same for the Mac ?

Not being able to run Mountain Lion - that sure is a good customer experience ! Hey Apple, what's the problem ?? To lazy to offer customer support in this area ? Apple's Mountain Lion programming team must suck and/or the damn bean counters are screwing the customers ....

Just set the damn compiler switches so the 32-bit drivers will work. That's a good start... What's wrong Apple, can't afford paying your in house programmers ? Is Apple strapped for cash ? Dumbasses !

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