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Legal Judge Richard Posner, who dismissed the lawsuit between Apple and Motorola, posits his solutions to the dysfunctional patent system. "There are a variety of measures that could be taken to alleviate the problems I've described. They include: reducing the patent term for inventors in industries that do not have the peculiar characteristics of pharmaceuticals that I described; instituting a system of compulsory licensing of patented inventions; eliminating court trials including jury trials in patent cases by expanding the authority and procedures of the Patent and Trademark Office to make it the trier of patent cases, subject to limited appellate review in the courts; forbidding patent trolling by requiring the patentee to produce the patented invention within a specified period, or lose the patent; and (what is beginning) provide special training for federal judges who volunteer to preside over patent litigation." I like this guy.
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Pharmaceuticals and Power to USPTO
by xiaokj on Fri 13th Jul 2012 10:56 UTC
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The main gist of it all is to be praised, but I suspect two points.

The first one, that I am not as sure about, is the Pharmaceutical arguments for patent protection. I thought OSNews ran a story not too long ago that stated that the statistics don't tally with the programme -- instead of patent protection, state funding of pharmaceutical research worked a lot better.

I am much surer that, in the current climate, you don't want to increase the power held by the USPTO. If they are employing the hordes to rubberstamp design patents, giving them more power would be like asking them to rubberstamp nuclear warfare instead. If anything, History shows that stupid people + power = destruction. Okay, maybe less than those that have a drive to destroy, but at least I can argue that it has never been good.

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pharmaceutical research worked a lot better

Seriously, dude, have you seen the mess just to bring health insurance ("Obamacare") to every US citizen ? With everyone screaming it's not their damn business if someone other people couldn't afford it, being not the state's responsibility to ensure the wealth-care of every US citizen, but private corps' ?

And now you'd like to extend this to medicals' and pharmaceuticals' ? It's close to resemble the Cuba's social health plan. Do you really want to copycat a 'social' solution ? What about liberal stock holders ? And what about freedom to leave people dying in the dirt ?

Don't tell me you welcomed home some people kicked in the street after the subprime's crise, that would make you a good responsible and caring fellow, that's not in the US's DNA... at least not if there's no oil, gas or mineral -private- profits to be made.

[/sarcasm off]


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Yeah, the shill is just crazy in America.

Just a while ago, I was reading how the economic performance was not related to how socialist a government is in Europe.

Is it just them, or what? Dumping money at a problem does not solve the problem. It is but part of the solution. More often than not, it just makes things worse.

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