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Mac OS X Ars Technica is reporting that certain 64bit Mac models won't be able to run Mountain Lion. The problem is the graphic card drivers; these are still 32bit, and Apple is unwilling to update them to 64bit. A 64bit kernel can't load 32bit drivers, so that's that. Apple has a list of supported models on their Mountain Lion upgrade page, so you can easily check if your computer is capable of running Mountain Lion.
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I wanted to run Lion 64bit on my MacPRO 2,1 w/32GB of RAM. I've got a Radeon 5770 video card in it. It's stable, fast, and never gave me any problems. I've got my Linux virtual machines on it too, that's why I have gobs of memory. My vms have 8gb. Anyway I wanted to run Lion with a 64bit kernel. I ended up saying screw you apple and configured my macpro as a hackintosh. It's stable! It runs fine!
I am disappointed with the way Apple and Micrisoft are dumbing down the PC. I think most of us who code will be importing our computers in and running Linux in a few years. The Trusted OS is just bullshit.

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