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In the News A fascinating difference in smartphone buying behaviour got highlighted today. In the US, Apple has double the market share of its nearest competitor, Samsung. However, in The Netherlands, the swamp I call home, the situation is completely reversed; Apple sits at 10% of the smartphone market, Samsung at 19.6%. Is this indicative of Europe as a whole? Could German, French, Polish, British, Spanish, Italian, etc. readers give local information from their own countries? I'm intrigued.
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Samsung has lots of cheap phones...
by sergio on Sat 14th Jul 2012 22:33 UTC in reply to "RE: A question of price."
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Your linked article takes in account all Samsung smartphone sales, that includes phones way cheaper than Apple phones.

I can only speak about Italy and Spain, that's what I know very well, and iPhone 4S is a luxury phone there. Everybody wants one, but they're expensive. Samsung phones are popular, anybody can buy a Samsung.

BTW If you want to compare only higher market Samsung options, here are the prices in Italy:

iPhone 4S 16gb libero -> 600 euros
Galaxy S2 16gb libero -> 300 euros

iPhones are the most expensive phones hands down.

I live in Buenos Aires and It's exactly the same. Samsungs are immensely popular because they're cheap. Everybody wants an iPhone, but common people can't afford it.

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A) GSG2's price is about 400Eur in Italy, not 300. It's also no longer the highest market device.(Unless you've been living in a cave)
B) Older devices get their prices cut, how much is SGS3? Oh yeah... Prices range from 520 to 700! While iPhone4S goes from 499 to 700. Looks like they are in the same range to me.

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