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Windows Ars Technica is running an interesting article about the Mail application on Windows 8. It's one of the first party Metro applications, and Ars' conclusion is that it's really, really not up to snuff - it can't even compare favourably to the mail application on Windows Phone. The sad thing is, however - this applies to virtually all Metro applications.
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RE[3]: Too many platforms
by Soulbender on Sun 15th Jul 2012 11:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Too many platforms"
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POSIX *is* the most important API on *nix systems and has been stable for ages.

POSIX doesn't deal with anything UI related though.

You can see how powerful APIs like POSIX, SDL and Qt are by looking at how applications are released on POSIX systems. Virtually EVERY application you have on Linux compiles flawlessly on *BSD or MacOSX (with Macports, for example).

That is only true for pure POSIX, SDL and Qt apps.
There is a massive amount of OSS code that is embarrassingly Linux-specific and you often run across the attitude that "Meh, it works on Linux, who cares if it doesn't work anywhere else".
Nothing wrong with that, really, but it gets a bit annoying when you hear people boasting about the portability of OSS code when what they really mean is "it works on all Linux distros...and maybe Solaris".

Anyone who has a decent understanding and experience with programming on Windows and Unix systems knows that the Microsoft world is a mess when it comes to APIs.

Both are pretty messy really, in their own way.

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RE[4]: Too many platforms
by whartung on Mon 16th Jul 2012 16:36 in reply to "RE[3]: Too many platforms"
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POSIX doesn't deal with anything UI related though.

Nonsense, curses is part of POSIX.

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