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Windows Ars Technica is running an interesting article about the Mail application on Windows 8. It's one of the first party Metro applications, and Ars' conclusion is that it's really, really not up to snuff - it can't even compare favourably to the mail application on Windows Phone. The sad thing is, however - this applies to virtually all Metro applications.
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by PieterGen on Sun 15th Jul 2012 19:31 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: n/t"
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If people think Ubuntu is the only Linux, that would be a shame. I am typing this on a Crunchbang machine. Next to it is an older laptop on which I am installing Salix at this very moment :-) My "fast" laptop runs Crunchbang as well, but will be switched over to Arch. My old netbook runs on Ubuntu, but the newer Ubuntus are too fat for this machine. Think I'll replace it with a non-linux: Haiku. Or else, staying in the linux family: PuppyLinux. To me, the essence of Linux is diversity ;)

Edit - To go back to topic, a great thing about the linux world is also the diversity and choice in desktops and window managers. YOU, as the USER, decide how your computer looks and behaves. Why should some corporation decide how your personal computer should look like?

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