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In the News A fascinating difference in smartphone buying behaviour got highlighted today. In the US, Apple has double the market share of its nearest competitor, Samsung. However, in The Netherlands, the swamp I call home, the situation is completely reversed; Apple sits at 10% of the smartphone market, Samsung at 19.6%. Is this indicative of Europe as a whole? Could German, French, Polish, British, Spanish, Italian, etc. readers give local information from their own countries? I'm intrigued.
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RE[4]: Some Googling
by jal_ on Mon 16th Jul 2012 13:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Some Googling"
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You are right, I didn't get it, I interpreted "local info" as meaning "info on local data", not "data produced by local agencies". You could've clarified that a bit better in the article...

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