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Features, Office Microsoft has released a consumer preview for Office 2013. Highlighting the age-old internal tug-of-war between the Office and Windows divisions within Microsoft, it's just a desktop application, no Metro, and the only nod to that whole touch/tablet-thing is a special mode that does very little. So, Windows 8 is just around the corner, and still not a single serious Metro application. Not even Microsoft's own flagship suite - heck, not even a single application within that suite - could be adapted to Metro in time. Serious vote of confidence from the Office division there.
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Disappointed but for userbase
by runjorel on Mon 16th Jul 2012 22:41 UTC
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I have to admit I was very disappointed. I was expecting a Metro-Office. Then someone reminded me if MS made a Metro Office they would have eliminated the upgrade path for those who choose not to upgrade to Windows 8 and it was probably difficult to create a classic Office and a Metro-Office at the same time.

till, it's weird to see Microsoft push Metro so much and then put one of their flagship products on the 'classic' desktop. It's almost as if they are saying the 'classic' desktop is for business and productivity, and the Metro is for fun as if they cannot be both. Then again, I don't imagine businesses and enterprises embracing Metro despite the fact that every C-level executive is in love with 'dashboards'.

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There's also a technical reason. WinRT, that api that metro apps use, does not (at least currently) support cross-process COM (it only supports in-proc COM), which Office makes use of for particular functionality.

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Then, we are never going to see a "Metro" Office. Given the size of their code and their constraints (retrocompatibility)...

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