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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Jolla has signed a Sales and Distribution agreement with D.Phone Group, the largest mobile phones retail chain in China. Together the companies have a shared target to reach significant sales volumes in China's 150 million smartphone market. The agreement is such that D.Phone will start sales and distribution of Jolla smartphones in China, utilising D.Phone's vast network of over 2000 retail stores to reach the Chinese consumers." Wow.
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If true
by dsmogor on Tue 17th Jul 2012 10:15 UTC
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this somehow validates T.Ahonen claims about Nokia having deals ready to push Meego bit time in China.

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RE: If true
by cdude on Tue 17th Jul 2012 13:01 in reply to "If true"
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That China Mobile was a MeeGo partner[1] is not a claim. Just google.

[1] The by far biggest carrier on earth. When Nokia switched to Lumia they denied Lumia to enter there market, forced Nokia to produce a Lumia running Symbian rather then WP and I would not wonder if they actively support JollaMobile. LG, Intel and Samsung are other candidates which may have an interest to support Jolla. Tizen and MeeGo are sisters, Jolla already announced support for HTML5 apps and Tizen 1.0 ships Qt.

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