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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Jolla has signed a Sales and Distribution agreement with D.Phone Group, the largest mobile phones retail chain in China. Together the companies have a shared target to reach significant sales volumes in China's 150 million smartphone market. The agreement is such that D.Phone will start sales and distribution of Jolla smartphones in China, utilising D.Phone's vast network of over 2000 retail stores to reach the Chinese consumers." Wow.
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RE[2]: Good luck Jolla.
by dragos.pop on Tue 17th Jul 2012 13:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Good luck Jolla."
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[q]belive that the first products will be of less quality (China),

iPhone and Lumia (unlike the N9) are done in China. Samsung Galaxy S3 probably too.

I am not worried about where they are done. It is just that the distribution network is a Chinese one. And I was thinking that they want to use China as a kind of test bench.

See my link above. The plan seems to be to show the device end of this year and deliver it in 2013Q1.

Yes, but this is about Chinese market

Nokia has no say in JollaMobile else Elop would have killed them off already since they WILL sell better then Lumia (ok, not so different).


Jussi: Creating an ecosystem and a platform is about cooperating. It’s not about going alone. Basically what we’re doing right now is creating partnerships and building efforts around MeeGo and Jolla. So I’m open to all cooperation. There are different forms of cooperation of course, but the key is to grow the ecosystem. That means we’re inviting different people in different forms.

In this interview he also said that he did cooperate with Nokia in setting up the company. It did say that Nokia had to cooperate, because of the great number of layoffs.

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RE[3]: Good luck Jolla.
by cdude on Wed 18th Jul 2012 06:20 in reply to "RE[2]: Good luck Jolla."
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"The company also suggested it would strive to create similar partnerships in other countries to give it a smooth entry into markets around the world."

China just happens to be the first that signed the deal. I am sure we will see similar deals for europe and maybe even US (Hello AT&T, did you had bad experiences with Lumia sales in US and like to try something different with potential? Hello, T-Online, you aborted Lumia-sales but still have interest in bringing something new, fresh and lucrative to your customers?)

The chinese market is important. If you suceed there then you already reached a significant market share. Jolla is an europe company run by people who happen to have a long track-record in world-wide focus. It just makes absolute sense to focus on asia first, europe second, south america theird and US forth. Lets look if Jolla announces partnerships in that order :-)

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RE[4]: Good luck Jolla.
by zima on Tue 24th Jul 2012 23:52 in reply to "RE[3]: Good luck Jolla."
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Jolla is an europe company run by people who happen to have a long track-record in...

...missing targets, big delays, largely unfulfilled promises; also. Let's not forget about those little details.

It just makes absolute sense to focus on asia first, europe second, south america theird and US forth.

But what really happens throughout the world (sadly - but that's the way it is): mostly the success and visibility in the US props up product lines elsewhere. You would notice something so basic if you cared at all about accuracy, instead of just shouting your party line and professing your misled beliefs (like the one where you vehemently claimed Nokia can't possibly have any expansive activities in PRC, "never ever" ...while they have now second major research centre there)

PS. Oh, and Asia is not some promised land of innovation, like you allude in a nearby post. Sure, the western patent system became a bit of a mess ...but, ultimately, Asia also has huge costs of doing business, just of a different kind (high levels of corruption, that's not "open and straith forward"; and going too far the other direction, with copying to the point of plagiarism)

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