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Legal "A judge in Britain is forcing Apple to publicly acknowledge that Samsung didn't copy the iPad, according to a report by Bloomberg. A judge has ordered Apple to post a notice on its website and in British newspapers highlighting a recent ruling that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. Apple must leave that notice up on its website for the next six months." Apple can still appeal this decision, but I'm hoping it'll be denied. This is just too hilarious not to go through.
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RE[2]: Comment by bloodline
by kaiwai on Thu 19th Jul 2012 05:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by bloodline"
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It depends. many apple customers probably don't realise what apple are doing. Putting a court notice on apple's website could be sufficiently embarrassing for apple such that they'll reconsider their offensive lawsuit strategy. I think that's really the intent here, not to give samsung free advertising.

But even then you'd be surprised the number of Apple customers who don't even go to the Apple website - they go into their local Vodafone, Harvey Norman or JB Hifi (I'm in New Zealand), get the talking head behind the counter to give the 5 minute sales pitch then walk out of the shop a few grand lighter on the wallet. What they really need to do is force Apple to pay for Samsung's legal costs then force Apple to licence all Apple patents to Samsung at a flat price of $1million per year - send a clear message that if a settle cannot be reached like mature adults then one will be imposed upon them from above.

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RE[3]: Comment by bloodline
by zima on Sat 21st Jul 2012 23:22 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by bloodline"
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Harvey Norman or JB Hifi (I'm in New Zealand)

So I decided to check them out a bit, pasted the names into Wiki - turns out they're both Australian. How much of New Zealand is in New Zealand? ;) ;p

(for a second there I tried to do inflection of NZ, kinda like what happens with "Icelandic" - this doesn't seem to work... it's non-inflected?)

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