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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia just posted its quarterly results - including shipped devices - and it's not looking good. Massive losses, sales dropping, and no growth in Lumia sales in the US. The company is losing money hand-over-fist, and with Windows Phone 8 still months away, the company warns the next quarter will be just as bad.
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RE[3]: WP8
by tylerdurden on Thu 19th Jul 2012 20:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: WP8"
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DirectX would have been a great value proposition half a decade ago.

However, it is now irrelevant given the market share of iOS and Android, which means that Microsoft can no longer use their main weapon for effect; their desktop monopoly. Especially given how Windows 8/Metro are a completely unknown quantity.

Nokia and RIM are pretty much dead in the water right now, they will most probably become either targets for acquisition or bankruptcy proceedings. Probably M$ is waiting for Nokia to go even deeper into trouble, so they can buy it for peanuts. Oh, well.

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RE[4]: WP8
by Jezza on Fri 20th Jul 2012 09:29 in reply to "RE[3]: WP8"
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I think what you mean is so MS can buy their patents for peanuts... they will have little use for the rest of the company, aside, perhaps, from the brand recognition.

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RE[5]: WP8
by bitwelder on Fri 20th Jul 2012 16:38 in reply to "RE[4]: WP8"
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I agree that Microsoft could be mostly interested in just looting Nokia patent portfolio, rather than buying it.
So far, it's much more convenient for them *not* to have its own brand name stamped on a device line that has not yet proven completely successful, and let somebody else get the blame and later... remember of Sendo?

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