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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia just posted its quarterly results - including shipped devices - and it's not looking good. Massive losses, sales dropping, and no growth in Lumia sales in the US. The company is losing money hand-over-fist, and with Windows Phone 8 still months away, the company warns the next quarter will be just as bad.
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Bad but not as bad as anyone expected
by dsmogor on Fri 20th Jul 2012 06:29 UTC
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They've got 15% jump on the announcement so everyone was expecting even worse.
It's interesting what effect W7 deprecation will have on their sales in Q3 though.
On absolute measure they are definitely drowning and W8 devices sales most be nothing like this to make them survive.
Elop suggested this time MS is in charge of advertising, I wonder it they will emphasize pureview enough (that one really demands dedicated targeting) or will try balance Nokia and HTC.

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Besides (for smart devices) Nokia is a Windows only company now, no way back. They've chopped of everything they could in engineering already. The focus on "most important markets" means, they are now cutting sales organization.

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The cut could mean the abort all markets that refused Lumia like China or where Lumia sold most worse like Russia. Those are the markets Symbian was and still is rather strong. Those are the most relevant markets. Elop is going to cut more Nokia market share to push Microsoft Lumia. T minus 4 months till Q3.

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