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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia just posted its quarterly results - including shipped devices - and it's not looking good. Massive losses, sales dropping, and no growth in Lumia sales in the US. The company is losing money hand-over-fist, and with Windows Phone 8 still months away, the company warns the next quarter will be just as bad.
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RE: Disastrous? Hardly
by cdude on Fri 20th Jul 2012 08:23 UTC in reply to "Disastrous? Hardly"
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1. I do not see how this are good news? Its a prove that they failed and do not expect to come back to where they where before.

2. 45% sounds impressive. But that means what? 600k sold devices with AT&T and T-Online as partners and a huge marketing push and lot of cash burned for that? In Microsofts home market? With,close to no,WP7 competition? More a failure, far below expectations, no comeback in US yet.

3. Some predicted -1 million sold Lumia. Hey, we are 5 million above expectations! Remember Gartners expectations? :-)

4. "may the first" ... "demonstrated on Nokia device"
That changes everything! Microsoft demonstrates WP8 on Nokia phones and maybe the will be ahead of competition to bring a WP8 device to market by some days! Customers cannot say no to such clear reasons why Nokia is better then competition! They just did not know when (not) buying Lumia before! That dump customers, just ignoring our billion marketing offensive but with those 2 simple arguments they cannot any longer! They NEED to buy us now!

If this are the only points made then I have no doubt, Nokia is going to make it! Make it into the next failure. But maybe they expect that already and so are above expectations already no matter what?

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