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Games "The truth is that this is the first post of the Valve Linux blog. This blog is where you can find the latest information from Valve about our Linux development efforts. Avoid the rumors and speculations that multiply on the Web. Instead, come to the source - a blog where people who are interested in Linux and open source game development can get the latest information on Valve's efforts in this arena. In this initial post, we'll introduce the team (and a bit of its history) and then give you a snapshot of what we're currently doing." Steam, Source, and Left 4 Dead 2 coming to Linux. We know why.
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RE[2]: At last...
by Nth_Man on Fri 20th Jul 2012 14:04 UTC in reply to "RE: At last..."
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I really wish it weren't so, and maybe if the community were to fork OpenGL

Perhaps you'll find this useful:
As the latest Valve Linux news for today [...] Last week Valve had the Intel OTC Linux graphics team [...] to jointly work on the OpenGL renderer for the Source Engine and the Intel Mesa driver...
There's more in

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RE[3]: At last...
by bassbeast on Sat 21st Jul 2012 05:13 in reply to "RE[2]: At last..."
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And how EXACTLY does that fix the fact that Kronos is letting OpenGL rot? It doesn't, all it will mean is that Intel will have "Valve approved" drivers for GPUs that frankly are still waaaay behind the curve. There is a good reason why Intel IGPs are looked upon as business laptop junk, because even a 3 year old AMD or Nvidia card will drink its milkshake while it stands there crying.

In the end the ONLY way you can fix this mess is the community fork openGL away from kronos, because they have made it clear its all about CAD to them, which isn't surprising since most of their money comes from CAD vendors. Until you can just say "OpenGL 4" and ANY game developer knows EXACTLY what features they have down the line and EXACTLY how it will behave its just not gonna compete. as it is now again the extensions mean it works one way for AMD, another way for Nvidia, and still a third for Intel. This won't change that because Kronos won't change.

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RE[4]: At last...
by Nth_Man on Sat 21st Jul 2012 08:36 in reply to "RE[3]: At last..."
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> support SOME of the features THIS way if its AMD, THAT way if
OpenGL is a low-level API. Normally, games developers using OpenGL don't use it directly, but through a higher level library. That higher level library is the one that also deals with the different cases (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhones, the version that consoles use, etc.). Some people think (me, too) that OpenGL should do some of the work that those higher level libraries do.

In they seem to be happy with the idea that Intel and Valve collaborate with the Intel Mesa driver and so, since on July 17 they announced in the front page:

Valve ports Left for Dead 2 to Ubuntu with OpenGL

Valve Software has started a new Linux blog; the first entry discusses their port of Left for Dead 2 to Ubuntu Linux. Future work involves “optimizing a version of L4D2 running at a high frame rate with OpenGL”, porting the Steam client, and “porting additional Valve titles”.

> And how EXACTLY does that fix
No, that doesn't fix it. Improving drivers and the Source engine is a good thing but also... the proposal of forking, that you said, keeps being valid.

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