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Graphics, User Interfaces Mike Elgan at Cult of Mac: "It must surely be a sign of the impending apocalypse that Microsoft's operating systems have 'more taste' than Apple's. I'm referring, of course, to Apple's inexplicable use of skeuomorphic design in iOS and OS X apps, and contrasting that with Microsoft's stark avoidance of such cheesy gimmickry in the Windows 8 and Windows Phone user interfaces. A skeuomorphic design in software is one that 'decorates' the interface with fake reality - say, analog knobs or torn paper. The problem is worse than it sounds." Won't come as a surprise to anyone that I wholeheartedly agree with this one. iOS and Mac OS X are ruined by an incredibly high Microsoft BOB factor. I have no idea how - or if - Apple will address this, or if the current downward spiral is going to continue.
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by ze_jerkface on Mon 23rd Jul 2012 02:50 UTC
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Um.....It's just a computer GUI.

At the end of the day computers are tools and tools should be focused more on functionality than design. Windows 8 is not focused on either and in fact focused on some deluded vision of a single GUI to rule them all. How this fits in with the reality of everyone and their mom owning iProducts is beyond me.

But back to the article.

Whatever is "cheesy" or tasteless is subjective. This person write as if there is only one true opinion of artistic design.

A wise software company recognizes that design is subjective and allows customers to choose a style that fits their taste. Microsoft is currently ran by two idiots (Ballmer and Sinofsky) who think that forcing Metro on the desktop is needed to compete with the iPad. This plan will fail and this author will show himself to be just as out of touch with reality as Sinofsky.

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