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RE[2]: Nice but...
by zima on Mon 23rd Jul 2012 07:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice but..."
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This is what I miss from the 8 and 16 bits days. Since the computers and OS were most of the time from the same vendor, there was no OEM differentiation stuff.

The differentiation was achieved by having different types of hardware+OS systems in the market.

Hm, there was just not much of a difference between most of them in the first place - basically just two common types of CPUs, similarly meagre amounts of memory, virtually the same form-factor across the board, in almost all examples not much of an OS to speak about (usually just something from the two or three families of very similar BASICs), very few of the available types having some nice support chips (sound and gfx; luckily, those few types which had them were generally the most popular machines - due to nicest looking games, obviously, but those didn't touch the OS, and multi-platforms titles still often partly suffered for a sort of least common denominator effects)

And this whole tight tying of hw and sw was probably why, say, Amiga had issues with progressing beyond the A500 generation.

The times are better... (plus, the type of toying around as with micros is more or less available on ~embedded stuff)

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