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Internet Explorer As Microsoft inches closer to the first beta release of Internet Explorer 7, the company's development advisors have been advising Web site developers and managers to run certain tests now to prevent problems when the beta version does appear.
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by mabhatter on Sun 17th Jul 2005 04:13 UTC in reply to "Puh-leeeeez!"
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OOOh but the sheep will.

Windows admins are like battered housewives... they never stop thinking that M$ really cares about them...this time will be better.

If anything the shanigans will draw some developer attention to the other browsers. What we really need is to get the standards compliant browsers to draw up articles how developers can make their pages work on "all" broswers. IF they gotta fix their sites anyway, the key is to grab more press...

I'm betting we'll see at least 1 IE7 article a week in the run-up till release.. all the big outlets,, cnet, ZD, etc will be fawning all over being "ready"!

I'd venture two things to "undermine" the effort. first, stop posting every single MS "ad" on sites like OSNews.. put them in black out mode. Second, start posting 1-2 articles about how to do it right! AJAX, ruby-on-rails, SVG, firefox 1.1... you gotta fight fire with fire and news-bomb the hell out of the IE release... Don't attack IE7, act like it's not even relevant anymore!!!!

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RE: sheep
by Adam S on Sun 17th Jul 2005 12:07 in reply to "sheep"
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Don't attack IE7, act like it's not even relevant anymore!!!!

I hear ya, but you're living in fantasy land. First off, for a news site that is supposed to be mostly objective, we can't have an ax to grind or an underlying agenda. That ruins your credibility and your perceived ethics.

Secondly, there are people who DO care about IE7. Those are the people who want to read this stuff! Just because you want to read about buzz word stuff doesn't mean that there aren't people interested in the maintstream stuff too.

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