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Google Without giving any detailed information, Madfinger Games announced that because the piracy rates of their game Dead Trigger were so high on Android, they made the game available for free. This sucks balls. I'm interested in more detailed statistics, especially where, exactly, the piracy rate is highest, considering you can only get paid Google Play applications in 31 countries, and then, often only with a credit card (which many people outside of the US don't have and/or use). It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if those piracy rates mostly come from places without paid applications support and/or with lousy payment options. In any case, Google needs to get its act together with the Play Store.
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Wow just wow...
by george.n on Mon 23rd Jul 2012 20:23 UTC
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"which many people outside of the US don't have and/or use"..

I skimmed through the comments and noted a few pointing it out and I will join also... I'm really focusing on the use of the word of "many" in that statement... Credit Cards are NOT the only method of payment. There is such a thing as Debit Cards, One time use cards, Online only cards, etc... go to your local bank and get a bloody clue. Most countries in the world has one form or the other and they are all equally valid.

Some countries have in-country only cards even. While credit cards may not be the primary method of payment for the rest of the world don't be so short sighted and think that that is the reason as to why people don't pay for games, apps, etc.

Where I live piracy is a huge issue and not only on smart phones or tablets. It's sort of the norm. The older generation are more likely to pay than the younger ones and that is because starting with the youngest - there's the cool factor, moving up you get egoists who want to show their 1337 skills even tho they can't hack a phone to save their life, the working force go for and pay for it if they want and the story continues.

I admit I have not paid for one app or game on my phone but I am just as happy being blasted with ads. I haven't rooted my phone and see no reason to. The reason I don't pay for them it's because I rarely have the time to actually use the phone for any thing else but work... so the ads is fair game.

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