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Google "Google today announced financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2012. 'Google standalone had a strong quarter with 21% year-on-year revenue growth, and we launched a bunch of exciting new products at I/O - in particular the Nexus 7 tablet, which has received rave reviews,' said Larry Page, CEO of Google, 'This quarter is also special because Motorola is now part of the Google family, and we're excited about the potential to build great devices for users.'"
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Google+ might look like a failiure, but it is not. It is growing and the setup of it all is not like facebook where you can physically track a person down that you disagree with, Google+ without a doubt is the only competitor to facebook that matters. And facebook is going to be the next myspace soon unless major changes is made to their concept. Guess who will pick up the pieces?

Wishful thinking. Literally none of the people on my friends list belongs to G+. It's a ghost town. There's zero incentive to use it, from my standpoint. Furthermore, I don't want Google having that much information about me or my friends.

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