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In the News Okay, so this is entirely new to me. Sparrow is was an email client for Mac OS X and iOS (and Windows), which brought a decent Gmail experience to these platforms - as opposed to Apple's own not-so-good Gmail support and Google's Gmail iOS application which, well, is just a webpage. Google has now acquired Sparrow, and basically all hell has broken loose, to the point of Rian van der Merwe writing that 'we' lost "faith in a philosophy that we thought was a sustainable way to ensure a healthy future for independent software development, where most innovation happens".
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No, I have worked for one of the largest gambling companies in the UK, the 5th largest charity in the UK, and a two bit web shop. Everyone used Adobe tools ... end of story. It is silly not to use them, compared to GIMP that has a 1.5 man team.

The feature disparity between photoshop and gimp is unreal.

You might want to see some of the stuff that CS 5.5 does (not even the newest version), it makes GIMP look like Paint.NET.

You know I've been in the Computer industry for close to 20 years, most all in Dev houses and no not Mom and Pop operations. You use the best tool to fit your needs, most of the most brilliant developers I've seen use some pretty basic text editors to do their job.

I've been reading your comments you call anyone that doesn't use you tools fools. So a good analogy would be that you would call someone working at Taco Bell "assembling" pre prepared food a Chef and one who cooks from scratch a fool that doesn't know what they're doing? .... lol .....

Bottom line is one uses the best tools that "work" for them.

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