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Internet & Networking "It's an urban legend that the government launched the Internet. The myth is that the Pentagon created the Internet to keep its communications lines up even in a nuclear strike. The truth is a more interesting story about how innovation happens - and about how hard it is to build successful technology companies even once the government gets out of the way."
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That was funny.
by jefro on Tue 24th Jul 2012 16:19 UTC
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I took a Novell class in the 80's. This topic was part of the class. Seems to me the class did have this same urban rumor. Like the original holders of tcp/ip and how the lower US ip's had priority over other lower numbers. Still that way. Guess you can change history by writing a blog.

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RE: That was funny.
by grat on Tue 24th Jul 2012 20:18 in reply to "That was funny."
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I took a Novell class in the 80's. This topic was part of the class.

I disbelieve. Novell didn't accept that TCP/IP existed until Netware 4.1 in the mid 1990's. ;)

It took some serious bashing from the academic sector to convince them that IP was the way forward... and by then, they'd already been out-flanked, out-maneuvered and out-fud'd by M$.

They were big proponents of ethernet, however.

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