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Google "I read earlier this week about a developer who made their Android version free after the $1 game was extensively pirated. Stories like this come as no surprise, but the industry press rarely deals with the core problem - and nor does Google. [...] Whilst the aforementioned story about the Android game didn't surprise me, it did horrify me. Android is designed to be difficult to make money from, and the core issue is that it's open - with the corrosive mentality that surrounds such openness."
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RE[4]: No lost sales
by Chrispynutt on Wed 25th Jul 2012 11:54 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: No lost sales"
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Weird I don't know a single PC gamer that pirates now, because of steam.

Even the guy back in the Amiga days was the go to guy to get pirated games.

Then again we all have wages now.

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RE[5]: No lost sales
by ze_jerkface on Thu 26th Jul 2012 03:36 in reply to "RE[4]: No lost sales"
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Weird I don't know a single PC gamer that pirates now, because of steam.

Hmmmmmmm, that's nice.

Keep in mind that the pc version of Crysis 2 sold the worst.

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RE[6]: No lost sales
by bassbeast on Thu 26th Jul 2012 16:55 in reply to "RE[5]: No lost sales"
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Now lets look at that list, shall we?

1.- Crysis 2...frankly I know plenty of guys who pirated it just to run scripts for benchmarking, the Crytek games have always been popular with the "must win teh benches!" crowd who'll spend 10K on a system and put a pirated copy of Windows on it, so no surprise there.

2. & 3.- Call Of Duty, Battlefield 3...The people that I know that have pirated those want to try the SP to see if they suck before shelling out for MP, which lets face it is all anybody does with those games. Since you have to have a legit key to play MP there are still making money hand over fist and I'm sure the other players prefer not having the servers filled with noobs.

4. FIFA...Well considering the prices that the game corps charge other countries this one should come as no surprise, you'd think they'd realize they can't charge as much or more than they do in the USA for a game that's primarily popular in places OTHER than the USA. BTW do they still screw AU and NZ when it comes to games? If so I don't blame 'em for pirating this one, as with the exchange rate they get royally hosed.

5. Portal 2...Frankly this was the only surprising one on the list, but as someone who bought both Portal 1 & 2 I can see why. Portal is one of those games where either you are good at it and its fun or you BLOW CHUNKS and its not. I found out about midway in that I fall into the later category, but thanks to the steam sale I just don't care if I never beat it.

In the end I'd like to see the figures from the last Steam sale before i weep for the developers. Considering i blew a good $200+ and my kids blew a good $150 hitting the sale I really don't think the devs that were smart and took advantage to offer their goods on the sale are gonna be hurting, more likely backing up the money truck.

But as someone who used to pirate the living hell out of games frankly i can't even remember the last time i downloaded a hacked game thanks to Steam. its just so cheap and easy i never bother, I mean why should I? There is over a thousand titles on any given day for less than $10.

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