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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia just posted its quarterly results - including shipped devices - and it's not looking good. Massive losses, sales dropping, and no growth in Lumia sales in the US. The company is losing money hand-over-fist, and with Windows Phone 8 still months away, the company warns the next quarter will be just as bad.
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RE[5]: Well...
by zima on Thu 26th Jul 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Well..."
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At the time when Elop took over, Nokia was bigger than Samsung. And Samsung offers Android, Bada, WP7 and soon Tizen smartphones.

So there is no reason why Nokia couldn't offer Android, MeeGo, Symbian and WP7. The addition of their navigation and cloud services would have been enough to distinguish them from the crowd.

Nokia sold more phone units than Samsung, yes, but at the time Elop took over Nokia was already on a few-year-long downward spiral it wasn't strictly bigger, in any sense that really matters. The returns from R&D were among the worst, as were profits per handset (and NVM that Nokia didn't make its components - it was specifically Samsung often doing it for them).

Symbian was a horrendous sink of funds (R&D costs of Symbian alone were larger, 2-3 years ago or so, than the entire Apple R&D budget, with quite mediocre results), only small part of what Nokia sold and with very unimpressive, relative to other industry players, profits per handset. MeeGo similar, only worse... (the project ran for much longer than iPhone is around; and still wasn't quite in a fully finished state) Nokia "cloud services" - hardly anybody used them, most eventually closed down. And their navigation, while fine, is hardly unique now.
Maybe Nokia just wasn't so good at doing software... (whether WP exclusivity was a good choice over Android is another issue of course)

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