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Gnome Honest question. Do you think the GNOME project is as healthy today as it was, say, 4 years ago? Benjamin Otte explains that no, it isn't. GNOME lacks developers, goals, mindshare and users. The situation as he describes it, is a lot more dire than I personally thought.
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I really wonder what you are doing then... There must be something rather particular that you _always_ do within ten minutes that causes a crash. I wonder if it would be possible for you to make a video of your first ten minutes until the crash so we can try to figure out what that particular action that most other people don't execute is.

Well, usually it's just the simple action of moving the taskbar/panel to the top of the screen instead of bottom that tends to crash Plasma. No idea why.

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Me neither... Half my employees have their panel up top, one on the left and the rest at the bottom. I just tried it and no crash. Do you have a bug with a backtrace? As I said just now, I'm not a plasma developer, but who know, I might be able to figure something out. It cannot be harder than figuring out why some wacom drivers on windows work fine with krita, and others make krita enormously slow... (Not that I managed to figure out why that happens either, more's the pity).

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There's a "VirtualBox disk image of Kubuntu 11.04 i386 Desktop, stable version" on
to conduct experiments on it.

I usually employ a copy of it as a virtual machine and it works stably.

I've tried to launch it, move the taskbar/panel to the top of the screen ( following the steps of ), do my usual operations ( but inside of that machine ) and a lot of minutes later, it hasn't crashed and continues working while I keep on doing what I had to do.

If you have any doubt, on this thread you can make questions.

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About it, there is a README.txt on

Using a virtual machine, we avoid the problems of drivers that need development, driver developments that need funding, companies that hide details of their hardware and so it hinders driver developments, etc.

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