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Microsoft Microsoft launched a preview of - a Metro web email client that will eventually replace Hotmail. Looks pretty good (but then, that's Metro for you). Ironically, it seems to work better, and is more smooth, than the mail client in Windows 8. Would be awesome - although obviously unlikely - if Microsoft allowed you to add accounts to (instead of being tied to your Microsoft account). I'd love to use this for my personal email account. Update: I'm being an idiot - you can actually do this! Nice.
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It looks very nice in the Windows Phone 7 browser; clean, simple, and fast just like native WP7 apps tend to be.

But then I think, why would I want to use this when the native WP7 email app is even better? I suppose it could be handy for a non Windows smartphone, but again both Android and iOS let you use the native mail clients with Hotmail/Live. So really, what's the point?

I suppose I can see the advantage for people like my fiancée; she uses the Hotmail web interface on her laptop and may find the new look enticing. But I prefer an IMAP email client on a computer, even as nice as the new look is.

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Some people don't like to install software locally.
Some people are not allowed to install software locally.
And some people are using a computer that is not their own (internetcafe while travelling).

In all those scenario's a good webmail is a great alternative.

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Well I was mostly talking about the mobile version of the webmail client. As I said, some people (like my fiancée) prefer or require a web interface on the desktop.

I'm also wondering what the government office I work for will do. We currently use a Server 2003 hosted web front end to Outlook; it will be interesting to see if the IT department moves us to or continues with the more robust (but backend nightmare) of the remote Outlook webapp.

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I think you really need both - native email clients and a decent webmail interface too. The first is solved by using standard access methods (IMAP etc.), and the second it looks like they're working on. I won't be holding my breath though - I have had a Hotmail address for 13 years, and since Gmail came along I hardly ever use it. In fact, last time I tried was on a Mac using Safari (whatever version Lion comes with), and I couldn't copy, paste or add attachments. Maybe it was Safari, maybe it was Hotmail. All I know is that Gmail worked perfectly in the same browser.

Still, maybe they'll surprise me and allow IMAP along with a decent web interface that works everywhere too...

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