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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It might be a cliche, but sometimes, a picture says more than a thousand words. Over the years, I've often talked about how the technology world is iterative, about how products are virtually always built upon that which came before, about how almost always, multiple people independently arrive at the same products since they work within the same constraints of the current state of technology. This elementary aspect of the technology world, which some would rather forget, has been illustrated very, very well in one of Samsung's legal filings against Apple.
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RE[4]: what I create on my iPad.
by Sabon on Wed 1st Aug 2012 22:42 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Crucifixion"
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I've got a 1st and 3rd gen Apple iPad with an Apple bluetooth keyboard.
What do/can I create on them?

Spreadsheets. No I don't create thousands of lines in spreadsheets. I used to but I don't work in a financial company anymore. Numbers is more than capable for this. And I can send my spreadsheets to people with Excel.
Note that people that makes big money don't need big spreadsheets. Only the little worker bees do. No, I'm not rich or poor. I'm in between.

Pages. This is a place where I create large documents of over 200 pages. 200 pages is large for me and not a limitation of my iPad.

Websites. It is very easy to remote into a server and edit HTML and XML using an iPad.

Music with garage band. The limitations are my talent and not the program. Nine Inch Nails often use Garage Band on iPads to sketch out songs and even released an album with music only created and edited with Garage Band. Are they big enough to count?

Do you know that there are been quite a few magazine covers with artwork by renowned artists created on iPhones and iPads? No. Look up the New Yorker for one. I believe there is at least one Time magazine cover.

You can use the iPad and bluetooth keyboard to remote into a remote computer at home or at work and write and compile programs? I won't put words in your mouth that this doesn't count. Tell that to the programmers I know that do this and love the fact that the iPad and bluetooth keyboard weighs less than the Windows laptops they use to use.

People use iPads to write their blogs. Keeps in mind that some of these people make a LOT of money. Not because of what they write it on but because of the content. Oh, the stuff people say can't be created on an iPad? Yes, content. Ok, maybe I did put works in your mouth that time.

Just because you can't create things on an iPad doesn't mean VERY successful people can't because they can and DO.

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I've got a 1st and 3rd gen Apple iPad with an Apple bluetooth keyboard.

So you have a laptop ;) .

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Dr.Mabuse Member since:

"I've got a 1st and 3rd gen Apple iPad with an Apple bluetooth keyboard.

So you have a laptop ;) .

A crippled one at that!

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Thom Holwerda,

"So you have a laptop ;) ."

+1 if I could. It's funny that people buy tablets, and then add on laptopesque accessories. Though I can't say I blame them, having played with my wife's tablet with and without a keyboard, there's no doubt that the keyboard is the uncontested winner for text entry. Maybe the pendulum of time will swing back again and give us tablets with swivel keyboards which give the best of both words, just like we used to have. Only this time they'll be lighter and much more affordable.

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