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Hardware, Embedded Systems "After leading the design of Apple's mobile processors, which have powered the iPhone and iPad over the last few years, chip architect Jim Keller is returning to AMD to head up its microprocessor core design team, the chipmaker announced today. Keller is an industry veteran who brought plenty of experience to Apple's mobile processors. He was previously vice president at P.A. Semiconductor, which Apple acquired in 2008 for $278 million, and he went on to serve as a director of Apple's platform architecture group."
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by Gone fishing on Thu 2nd Aug 2012 07:49 UTC
Gone fishing
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I've had AMDs in my personal computers since the K6-2. They always seemed to have a performance vs price sweet spot.

However, its been a bit hard to justify not having an Intel recently.

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RE: Good
by Chrispynutt on Thu 2nd Aug 2012 08:17 in reply to "Good"
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I had a K6-2, I bought a board recommended in PC Pro and I am glad I did. Most K6-2 systems suffered from poorly made motherboards with low amounts of cache. I had double the usual amount and the board was well made. My sister had a cheaper board with the same K6-2 and it was night and day performance.

AMD's CPUs have lagged (barely if not worse than the previous generation of AMD) whilst Intel has been on a purple patch.

At the budget end of the market I would still double check the benchmarks. However i3/i5/i7 are just do good value.

Buying ATI is the best thing they ever did. I really wonder where they would be now without them.

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RE[2]: Good
by dionicio on Thu 2nd Aug 2012 14:34 in reply to "RE: Good"
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Somewhere inside the boxes I keep a K6-II, I consider it the first multimedia CPU

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RE: Good
by judgen on Thu 2nd Aug 2012 15:36 in reply to "Good"
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I had a AMD spitfire 600, and it could be clocked with c2 snow to past 3 ghz. And i think the spitfire also lacked the SMP lock, so you could have used several of those bad boys. I know of very few chips that had more than 5x overclock rate. imagine intel I7 running at 4ghz*5 (20 ghz).

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RE: Good
by bassbeast on Thu 2nd Aug 2012 21:15 in reply to "Good"
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I have to agree. I've been buying AMD since the days of the Athlon and once they got rid of Phenom II its been awfully hard to justify going AMD. You either get the "crippled half core" of Bulldozer/Piledriver or stuck with a GPU that you may not want with Liano. They killed the successor to Bobcat so Liano is all they really have in mobile, and worst of all BD/PD won't work right unless you have Windows 8 as Win 7 and below treat its half cores as HyperThreading so that quad ends up running like a dual.

Lets just hope Mr Keller can right the ship as I remember what it was like when Intel was the only game in town and it wasn't fun. as long as I can get the Zosma and Thuban Phenom II chips along with the Athlon II I'll keep building AMD desktops but my customers don't want Windows 8 which means BD/PD is right out. BD is not a good design, its too hot, too power hungry and gives too little for too much heat, its netburst all over again, yuck.

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