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Games From Valve's Linux blog: "That the Linux version runs faster than the Windows version (270.6) seems a little counter-intuitive, given the greater amount of time we have spent on the Windows version. However, it does speak to the underlying efficiency of the kernel and OpenGL." If it wasn't obvious before, it should be now: Valve has started its marketing campaign for Linux. With the Windows platform in the process of closing itself off, Valve has to look to greener pastures. This is all to motive third parties to get their stuff ready for a possible Linux-powered 'Steambox' - not a console, but a set of generic PC specifications. Remember: the Xbox is the only machine tied to DirectX - OpenGL runs everywhere else, including Windows (the PS3 is an oddball, and has a sort-of Sony-specific FrankenOpenGL). OpenGL simply makes more sense for developers, and now Valve is working very closely with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to optimise their Linux drivers. Do the math, people.
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It is still using Direct X 9 on Windows, it isn't a modern engine.

Valve themselves only mention Direct X 9.

It like me claiming my website was in continuous development but still using .NET 1.1 or PHP 4 ... doesn't mean a lot.

That not really a problem, Valve have released quite a few cool things for the source engine that aren't graphics related.

BTW, I spend quite a lot of money on Steam. I actually think Steam is pretty cool.

I am more called into question these set of statistics and whether it was really proving that Linux was faster.

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I'm not saying you're wrong, but in the blog it suggests that they'll try to optimize the source engine to run better on Windows/D3D so perhaps the issue has nothing to do with the fact the source engine isn't optimized for DX10 or DX11.

Also it's been said by Valve numerous times that the Source engine is a "living engine" meaning it's always being updated. They just haven't gone past DX9 support, and honestly for most games you don't need to. Look at the CoD franchise, they're still using a modified idTech3 engine and just recently announced they're dropping it for a newer one.

I keep hoping the delay for HL2:E3 and/or HL3 is due to the fact that they are doing a major update the Source engine. Source 2 Engine?

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I am saying that some optimizations are not possible with Direct X 9.0

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Indeed source is a gradual engine, the last update was for portal2 which contained quite a few updates for fluid and improved graphical fidelity.

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