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Mac OS X "Has Mountain Lion been feeling faster for you compared to Lion on the same machine? It's probably not just you: Mountain Lion appears to include improved graphics drivers and low-level graphics subsystem improvements. According to our testing, these improvements result in an approximate performance increase of up to 10 percent. Those improvements can make your current hardware feel faster despite the fact that your CPU can't magically crunch numbers any faster. The changes also lay the foundation for Apple to update OS X's OpenGL support in a more timely manner, which could potentially lead to better graphics performance in the future."
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RE: Seems smoother to me
by redshift on Fri 3rd Aug 2012 00:47 UTC in reply to "Seems smoother to me"
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...trying to avoid new features which I don't like, but I suspect that this is just the result of the natural conservatism of someone who has used Macs (and Windows PCs) almost three decades, one just gets set in ones ways. This time it took me a day or so to work out how to get rid of the Duplicate item in the Edit menu and replace it with the familiar Save As item, this had been bugging me since Lion but this time I managed to do something about.

I would be interested in what you did to change that. For most things I can live with it... but it gets unwieldy for large files (often I work with very large keynote files). Fortunately Adobe has not yet bought into the new Apple save method on creative suite where most of my large files lurk.

On my iMac (24-inch, Early 2008) , Mountain Lion was a smooth update with no issues so far. It seems a little snapper after the upgrade. The only disappointments were a few missing features that were not supported on my computer like airplay.

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RE[2]: Seems smoother to me
by Tony Swash on Fri 3rd Aug 2012 11:07 in reply to "RE: Seems smoother to me"
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To the get the Save As.. back see here for instructions

It's very easy, just involves changing two keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences. Seems odd but definitely works.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

Not trying to troll, but when macs really need these kinds of tweaks to be sensible it never harms their reputation as an easy to use computer that was designed to be intuitive.

But holy hell, suggest that as fix for KDE or Gnome 3 and you'll get slaughtered with people's comments on how it proves Linux isn't for normal people and only for geeks.

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