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OSNews, Generic OSes "Naren has been working on a port of Android 4.0 to Raspberry Pi, and as you can see from the screenshots and video below, he's been making great progress. Hardware-accelerated graphics and video have been up and running smoothly for some time; AudioFlinger support is the only major missing piece at the moment." Not sure how useful it is, but still pretty cool.
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RE: Besides just being neat...
by chithanh on Fri 3rd Aug 2012 12:22 UTC in reply to "Besides just being neat..."
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...I also think this could be an important step towards non-proprietary/open/custom-built/whatever mobile devices and tablets.

Linux runs on the Raspberry Pi, but that doesn't make it an open device. In fact it is more closed than your average PC and even more than many Android devices.

Every function or peripheral access needs a modified firmware blob. Only Broadcom can make those, and for some parts (like video decode) you even have to pay licensing fees before they give you a firmware blob that allows their proprietary drivers to perform the desired function.

Don't get me wrong, the Raspberry Pi is a great educational tool. But it is not open at all.

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What working in the enterprise world taught me, is that for most big companies, open source == cost zero.

No one really cares about what is open source all about, except a way to lower project costs, without giving anything back.

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Actually, you are now wrong. Linux used to be about low cost. For years that was the number one reason given regarding adoption in the enterprise. For the last couple years, the number one reason is now to prevent vendor lock in.

2011 was also the first year Gartner saw Linux servers outselling Windows. They always had to guess a bit with Linux as many people bought servers and put Linux on after the fact. Now, more Linux servers are being sold with Linux pre-installed than Windows servers.

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