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KDE "KDE is delighted to announce its latest set of releases, providing major updates to KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform. Version 4.9 provides many new features, along with improved stability and performance."
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by Jason Bourne on Sat 4th Aug 2012 18:21 UTC
Jason Bourne
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I checked on KDE for a few days and I can see subtleties and improvements, let me list a few:

- Log out/Shutdown menu: It is larger, and it is much better. I still don't know why it comes with a full moon but it's getting better, I no longer need to look for the button that was so small in order to tell it to shutdown. Perhaps if KDE guys just draw some square sign buttons like XMBC, then it would be perfect (and getting rid of the moon, of course).

- This is Ubuntu related, but the lightdm kde greeter is much better than KDM. Can anyone think of KDM improvements or even replace it to use lightdm?

- The selected itens now are not plain grey coloured, but you can see a salience that is done with a black line. I wonder why this was not implemented until now. But great work. The Oxygen theme was improved overall.

Things that need work, in my vision.

1) Well, the 'window task list' is a bit aged. We no longer need a 350 pixel block for a open window. Perhaps if someone copy the Windows 7 superbar minimization... They certainly copied some stuff from KDE, so now copy from them.

2) The KickOff Menu needs a complete revamp, perhaps something like Cinnamon is doing which is much better.

3) The 'SNAP' feature in KDE is much overkill. I usually snap windows just side-by-side. But in KDE you actually have to know where to snap them, otherwise you will snap it half-tall window. I think 4 places on a window is too complicated. You usually want to snap just a window sided by another to do comparisons and have 2 readings, etc. Plus it's easier to just snap it in any place of the side, instead of having to choose up or down sides as well.

4) The fonts in KDE vary drastically according to distributions. It would be good if KDE had its own font established. Typeface is also important so I think some settings should be on since the installation as anti-aliasing and default 'slight' and 'lcd'.

5) Perhaps the Oxygen Cursor theme needs to be a bit sharpy, it's too rounded in my opinion.

6) This is something to be told - about the window titlebar buttons: They are usually too small. I mean, really small. I urge you to take a look at how Windows 7 Aero ergonomy was designed. It's easier to click on a "[X]" in Aero than it is on KDE. GNOME 3 did something better on the design of buttons - they are larger, and much comfortable to click on. You just need to 'grasp' those little things that the user cares about.

Now, don't get me wrong. KDE 4.9 is probably the best release from the KDE 4 series. For release 5, all I ask is that you don't go the release route all open source projects seem to take which is break everything apart. You just turned 4.9 and it's quite good and close to perfection. Just remember to let go of some Windows XP things and adopt some Windows 7 things.

And as things go, I can see only 2 predominant desktops from now on in Linux. One of them probably Unity, which will be loved by Mac users and KDE which will be loved by Windows users. I don't really see a place for GNOME Shell other than obscurity. I'm still not sure what is going to be of MATE and Cinnamon. XFCE and the rest of those wm's will be what they always have been: an alternative to the alternative of the alternative. It's going to be KDE and Unity. I think they're quite on par with each other and with Windows 7/MacOS.

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