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OSNews, Generic OSes "Naren has been working on a port of Android 4.0 to Raspberry Pi, and as you can see from the screenshots and video below, he's been making great progress. Hardware-accelerated graphics and video have been up and running smoothly for some time; AudioFlinger support is the only major missing piece at the moment." Not sure how useful it is, but still pretty cool.
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That doesn't mean those companies won't contribute back to the community, but it's not a priority, nor something they'll do if it costs them too much.

Actually it already happened in a few projects where we patched a few libraries/tools but the changes were never given back to the community.

The reasoning was that if anyone would discover that the company was using open source, it might be forced to open source their products. The fear is present, even when we need to get the company lawyer's green light to use certain licenses.

While asking for questions in public forums, mailing lists, we are not allowed to use any form of email address or reference that might create a relationship between the open source library/tool and the company that owns the project.

As I said, in the big boys club, open source is free as in "free beer" nothing more.

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As I said, in the big boys club, open source is free as in "free beer" nothing more.

Absolutely true.

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