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Google This tweet from Tom Warren made me smile. So, it's 2012 and tablets are finally able to do what the Amiga did in 1985. Seems like a bit of a stretch to be excited about that, right? Sure, until I caught myself getting excited - only a bit, but still - by this piece of news. Update: removed me being an annoyed child.
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RE[3]: Random idea
by Morgan on Mon 6th Aug 2012 10:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Random idea"
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Context is important, there was no context here. Sorry, I'm with the masses - Thom messed up.

Given the overwhelming minority I seem to be in on this issue, I'm inclined to agree at this point. However, I stand behind my replies to CajunArson because instead of asking for clarification or offering his own interpretation, he out and out attacked Thom with a ton of ultimately irrelevant information about just how non-multi-user Amiga was. He basically said "It appears to me that you said the sky is green, so fuck you and by the way here's five hundred studies saying which exact shade of blue the sky is". I found that to be rude and offensive and I chose to speak up about it.

And I get it, really I do. I've come a long way from the angry nerd I used to be, lashing out at any perceived slight or calling someone stupid because they misspelled a word here or mixed up some terminology there. I was an asshole years ago, but I've grown up. Now, to see someone else (and CajunArson isn't the only one by far) act like the child I used to be, well I chose to educate in my sarcastic way. It turned out that a lot more people were confused by Thom's summary than I thought possible (again, I got it right away but I had also read the tweets, a habit I've always had; it makes reading a Wikipedia article an hours-long adventure sometimes). That is why I haven't commented again on that particular subject until now.

I've been trying to help by submitting as many stories as I can recently (and 3 or so have been featured), but it's like pissing in the wind sometimes.

I've also tried submitting a couple of times, but either Thom already had a similar submission lined up that got posted instead, or (I'm assuming) it wasn't deemed interesting enough to publish. No skin off my nose, I don't take offense to it. If I did, I'd just start my own tech blog and write to my heart's content. Thing is, as much as I work and still try to maintain a social life, I just don't have time to do the heavy lifting. I'm happy with occasionally submitting articles here and at other community-oriented news sites and if something sticks, hey there's my fifteen minutes of fame. ;)

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