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OSNews, Generic OSes As the first images of the Mars Curiosity lander start pouring in, let's talk about what operating system it runs. As I found out via Hacker News, the project runs on VxWorks, a very popular embedded operating system used for truly mission critical tasks. I'd love to know just how much work has gone into making it bug-free - this isn't the kind of environment where you want code to fail.
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Cisco CSS/Arrowpoint
by tony on Mon 6th Aug 2012 16:38 UTC
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The only device I've come across that ran VxWorks was the load balancer from Cisco, the Cisco's CSS (previously Arrowpoint). It was a great load balancer at the time, but Cisco let it atrophy and F5 and other vendors surpassed the CSS. Not VxWorks fault, though.

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