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Apple Well, this is interesting. Apple has released iOS 6 beta 4, and it removes one of the staples of iOS, included since its very first release with the first iPhone: beta 4 does not include the YouTube application. YouTube is owned by Google, so that could be an explanation. However, unless Google has its own iOS YouTube application ready, iOS 6 could lead to a lot of unhappy iPhone and iPad users. The large websites with sources inside Apple are probably hard at work trying to find out what's going on here - could just be a bug, or maybe a way to gauge public response by causing news sites and blogs to post about it. Huh. Update: thank god for sites with clout: The Verge confirms that Google is working on a stand-alone iOS YouTube application. Good news for users, since the stock one wasn't particularly good to begin with.
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RE: YouTube is HTML5
by henderson101 on Tue 7th Aug 2012 11:42 UTC in reply to "YouTube is HTML5"
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More to the point - didn't Google create the Youtube app, or at least "those who created the YouTube app would now work for Google"? That's how I understood it. The app was created for Apple by YouTube/Google. So, maybe there's no need for concern at this point. On the other hand, having seen the mess that is the iOS Gmail app, let's hope the iOS Google+ team members had more to do with it that the iOS Gmail developers!!

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