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X11, Window Managers We have some very good news for those of us with a love for the Common Desktop Environment. I'm a huge fan of CDE - I've even dedicated an article to it - so I'm excited about this. CDE has been released as open source under the LGPL, and can be downloaded as of today for Debian and Ubuntu. Motif will follow later.
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Well, true XFT support in OpenMotif requires more work than setting a couple of resource files ;-(
I have done this in my software, here are the screenshots for choosing XFT fonts for the application
If somebody needs code for this please contact me.

Also, the OpenMotif was converted for XFT and all widgets support renderTables. But third party widgets are not automagically converted just by using OpenMotif. So various dt widgets will probably need some work in order to support XFT and UTF-8.

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It is "experimental support". It may or may not work. Obviously in your case, it didn't work. Its a requested feature but not a high priority right now.

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