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Legal "Comparing Samsung's flagship products before and after release of the iPhone & iPad, and how Apple's intellectual property infringement claims hold up." A terrible visual guide that ignores not only Samsung's own pre-iPhone designs, but also - and worse yet - the thirty-odd years of mobile computing that preceded the iPhone. Typical of today's technology world: a complete and utter lack of historical sense. Worse yet are the claims about icons: only the phone icon is similar, but Apple did not invent the green phone icon. This is a remnant of virtually all earlier phones which use a green phone icon for initiate/answer call, and a red phone icon for terminate/reject call. Claiming this deserves IP protection is beyond ridiculous, and shows just how low Apple is willing to go.
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Time to Hit The Switch
by JeeperMate on Wed 8th Aug 2012 14:52 UTC
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If my memory serves me right, there's a killswitch that terminates an instance called AAPL. I don't remember where it is now, though. Enough with rant.

My cousin is an automobile designer who now works for Honda America and used to work for GM in early 1990's. He once told me that many of current (2005 onwards) Ford sedans have striking resemblance in terms of bodyline with Honda and, to a lesser degree, Toyota/Lexus. He also recognized how some earlier Honda hatchbacks copied Ford's hatchback design. But not one of those companies ever think of filing a lawsuit against each other.

To them, that's just how competition works; one company/individual comes up with something new that works, others then follow suit and improve on it, and the cycle continues. That's simply what makes the industry tick and alive. More importantly -- to me at least, that's how our predecessors, spanning hundreds of centuries, built our civilization. In other words, that's how we, as human kind, developed our culture.

This ongoing patent madness in tech world is just anti-competitive and counterproductive. It has to stop.

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